Thursday, 5 May 2016


Placing negative judgements on females  purely because of their gender will not only hold back those who are being judged , but also limit societies own potential. A society that doesn't encourage all its people to excel are only putting limitations to their resources and dumbing down society.  A man dominated society will only limit its own perspective on the truths of the world. Men and women views expressed together will bring both sides to the table which will bring choices that are better balanced based on what is best for all the people.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016


The more your life becomes routine the harder it is to distinguish one day from another. The days and the weeks blend to one, making you feel you're experiencing a constant deja vu. Without breaking your routine your life can feel a little bland. Simply by mixing it up life can feel surprisingly different and back in your control. Living an auto pilot life takes away your power to choose your own preferences which will make it harder for you to feel happier and enable you to sustain a healthy mind. A healthier mind will trigger other parts of your life following suite. So change your lifestyle and you will change your life.

Thursday, 17 March 2016


The misconception of what is really the most important thing in life may vary between family, career, fortune and fame. The truth is, the most significant thing in your life has to be your level of compassion. Its compassion that helps you connect to one other which will give you a strong desire to try and alleviate someones Else's pain. Being human and being humane should go hand in hand, because humanity is an embodiment of what makes us human, and without compassion we are just emotionless robots. People can live without a family, a career, a fortune and fame but without compassion the purpose of life is meaningless.

Sunday, 15 November 2015


People seem to think that when it comes down to it they will make the right decisions for themselves and for society because they only have good intentions in heart. It doesn't matter where your heart is when you're  in your right mind but where it will be when you are under pressure with only instinct to lead you. "Will you help others with their dilemmas" or is it every man for themselves. If you reflect on the times where you had to be tough to get going what did you do ? the answer

Saturday, 4 July 2015


We say our love is unconditional, for those we give our love to. But without conditions we would be left at the mercy of our loved ones. Conditions we put in place to protect how heart from breaking from a love that's not always reciprocated. To love someone who shows you no respect will only lead to your disappointment because your emotions can only justify the means for short time not for a lifetime. Love is connected to your positive feelings you don't need to make excuses for what your not feeling. You just need to know without truth their is no love.

Friday, 29 May 2015


We as a community share many similarities, we work mainly to sustain a certain type of lifestyle. Our mortgage and bills have to be paid on time irrespective of their amounts. We all sometimes indulge in the things that make life more enjoyable when we need a lift. So why do some people believe that they are above others? even though we are all part of a community. Status isn't what you do for a living its the person you are. How do you see yourself and how do other people see you? Do they vary much?

Sunday, 22 February 2015


I keep hearing that the kids these days don't show anyone any respect. Maybe if they were hit with wooden kitchen spoons and slapped for talking back they might have a little fear for doing the wrong thing. Maybe if we didn't confuse them by changing the words to bah bah black sheep, or removing the flame off the big boss confectionary and changing the name of fags to fads because some people might get offended they might have a stronger threshold to the tough parts of life, or we could continue to surround them with cotton wool to protect them. But who will protect them when we're not there ?