Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Breast feeding is a natural thing that can be done in two different ways, discreetly and out in the open.  Mothers who try to cover themselves and their child while breast feeding don't feel comfortable being on display for everyone to see. While some mothers feel why should they be ashamed when it is only natural to feed their child, even though it might mean having to show a part of them that they were not comfortable revealing when they didn't have kids. They then believed that some things are better done behind closed doors. Is it possible that the process of having kids can sometimes make a woman feel she isn't attractive anymore because she can feel like a mobile milk bar for her baby, and feeding her baby out in the open is her way of getting some attention. The unwanted attention she would of got if she showed too much cleavage, usually came with a guys response "SHOW US YOUR TITS". A woman would have slapped him even before he finished the sentence. So all the crude remarks that the strangers made would have been okay if they just waited until the natural thing occurred . Some could say having sex is natural thing luckily that is still be done behind closed doors most of the time.

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