Thursday, 18 April 2013


Favour's seemed to have lost their true meaning. It is now common practice that before someone says yes to a favour that they have to tick the box's to make sure that saying yes wont really inconvenience them. In the past a favour would leave a positive impact on the person receiving the favour because they knew someone was going out of there your way to convenience them. Now if it doesn't convenience them, the answer is next time is better for me. A favour should stand proud on a pedestal, to show that you give respect to whatever is being asked of you. Showing appreciation has now changed because when you've been asked for a favour it may now come with attached guilt that you have to wear if you've given the power of approval to someone that you need a little assistance from. So swallow your dignity or don't expect help when your in a jam but remember what goes around comes around and how your treated governs your own choices. To the unwilling, don't fool yourself the power you have been given is temporary and will leave the moment you take given power for granted and abuse it. What's good for the goose is also good for the gander and having that ammo in reserve will always mean that they will lose the argument in the end because it is hard to argue with logic. So choose your words carefully and play by the rules and you will receive the equal respect that everybody craves and deserves.

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