Wednesday, 6 March 2013


More people these days are choosing not to have kids because their time is so valuable and it is hard for them to justify splitting another piece of the time pie. The choice not to have kids could be broken down to a selfless act or a selfish choice. Whether the choice has been swayed because a certain lifestyle can not be given to the unborn child or a certain lifestyle would be taken away from the newly parent, this is determined by the plans the parent has for their lifestyle. A lot of woman and men would do anything to become parents because they believe that they would be a great parents, much better than those mothers and fathers that shouldn't be fit to call themselves parents. Whatever the reasons for choosing to have kids or not to have kids civilisation can be affected. So those who do have a choice to have kids but would rather not have to deal with it , they should be thankful that their mother and father didn't have the same attitude as them. Luckily those who want to have kids are still the majority because the moment the scales change so does our future. Within 50 years the magic of life will cease and so will the hope of evolution leading our race to fulfil whatever the hell we here for.

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