Sunday, 3 March 2013


If hospitals are there to help people why is it the moment your in its like every person for themselves. The places are designed like fortress , they seemed to have been built when common sense hadn't been discovered. The bigger the hospital the more confusing the maze, organised in a way that sometimes to get to a elevator you have to go down three flights of stairs which will be the only way to the top floor. The only thing to guide you is to follow the blue lines while staring at the floor and hoping not to miss any signs up high. Then you notice someone that obviously works there hoping he can point you in the right direction. But when you follow his instructions it can only get you so far , before your lost again. When you finally get to the point of the visit its time to make your way back home through the maze of no hope and get to your car and pay a hefty parking fee. So I repeat why is it so hard to get help at hospitals. Now I know why people really don't like to going to hospitals.

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