Thursday, 28 August 2014


Our free will gives us the power to say and do whatever we like, but our common sense is what usually leads us to the more suitable choice. Without common sense practical decisions would be replaced by irrational choices which can manipulate the worlds routined flow and transform it into a chaotic mess. Luckily the majority of us still have common sense in charge when making priority decisions that influence our developing communities. It is our free will that connects us to our soul, when we follow our heart and make a decision that feels right we feel the satisfaction that confirms the right decision was made. A selfish decision can cause the opposite affect which people shy from standing by their made decision and would prefer it was kept quiet, the less attention the quicker they can pretend it never happened. So if you want to be proud of who you are then be the person that sticks by your words and action because that is what people will remember you for.

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  1. Quote: You can choose, but you were fated to one option. In the same way that a ball rolling down a hill cannot just suddenly roll upwards, a person cannot suddenly make truly free will decisions without an input pushing them that way. The inputs to a person control their outputs