Sunday, 28 April 2013


Are we so naive that we think that if we pray hard enough that God will consider our requests?. Why do a lot us think Gods plan can change for us because of our own mighty ideas that we have for our life ?. What we know of life is not enough to enlighten God in what we hope should be our purpose in life. In all Gods wisdom what hope do we have trying to make a supporting case for our request. This is why we pray, it is because we recognise our inability to change our fate. Are we so arrogant to believe that our purpose in life should be reconsidered because we not ready for the end. If we don't  give our full trust and faith how can we believe that our life is in Gods hands. Praying is the only hope that we are left with, it shows that we are at the mercy of God and our will most probably is not ready to face the end. Is it our mercy that is shown to us if our desires are met or was it always part of the grand plan. Human nature fools us to believe that what we hope will happen only if we just believe passionately enough. Could our life experiences just be a test for our next chapter. All that is for sure is what ever will be will be, so their is no need to dwell on what is and just accept what has to be.

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