Saturday, 20 April 2013


It is hard when your emotions get in the way of a logic mind, where your senses are dulled by your feelings. Filling your heart with only feelings of sincerity can sometimes block your mind from the harsh truth that the ones that are close to you a prone to hurt you more because the more you care, the more vulnerable you are. So should you be more critical of the the ones you love? because you usually give them your all. Some people would rather hide their feelings from others because the chance of getting hurt is higher and too much for them to bare. A life where you only show others your strong points doesn't allow for you to take bold stances and keeps you in the shadows of doubt. If you don't allow yourself to be comfortable in the real world than your just surviving and not living. So be brave and be yourself because those who don't like you all the time, they are the ones that would limit their own views on life. Allowing yourself to see people for all that they are and accept their idiosyncrasies shows less prejudice than blinding yourself from the truth.

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