Tuesday, 19 November 2013


It is said by many that knowledge is power, but unless you can make use of that knowledge then its just a waste of brain space. We strive to take in all the knowledge we can because we believe that it will empower us to reach what we crave in life, but is memorising facts enough to help us propel to greater heights. Understanding how to comprehend that information and use it in real life situations is the key to happiness which will also help you in connecting with people. Without the ability to connect with people all the information you have memorised only hinders your attempts to relate with the common person. How you feel is now ignored and pushed aside because all your useless facts that you have memorised has flooded and taken over your sincerity to feel. Facts now are in charge of your heart which leaves know room for compassion and courtesy . Pumping out facts like an emotionless robot, with only one thing on your mind "LOOK AT ME AND WHAT I KNOW ?". All the knowledge in the world can not help you build a respectful relationship with the ones you care about. If connecting with people is not your main goal, then you may want to review what is important to you. Without the love of family and friends in our life what else could take precedent. If we are here just to improve the quality of our own life then what hope does society have. If the fact is that the power of knowledge can not be used for the better of man kind, we as humans may as well as forget that the word human derives from the word humane.

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