Saturday, 19 April 2014


If you take God and the Devil out of the equation than your just left with good and bad. Good and bad remain irrespective of God and the Devils influence. The church tries to rely on our fear and encourage people with the promise that if your not being good to others you will be dammed to hell and unless you are good you will not be rewarded with your afterlife in heaven. Whether or not the church's view is right or wrong the lessons of compassion it tries to teach should be enough for us to understand and follow its examples on how to be a good person. I believe that we all should live by one main rule, "treat people as you want to be treated" and if you can't do that honestly you are an example of someone who is being selfish. This doesn't have to result in you being punished with the threat that you are going to hell but should have a positive result that gives a person the opportunity to correct  there attitude malfunction otherwise their bad attitude will highlight if they are posing as friend but their attitudes shows that they're foes. Eventually people will be treated in the same way once they are conditioned with the same treatment their giving with a lesson that teaches us by reforming us into equals and better people. We can only hope for a better mankind. Unless men and women aren't kind at all, then there is no hope for even the hopeful.

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