Thursday, 1 May 2014


We seem to be bombarded with information to fill us up with fear. An overwhelming of focused fear from the media ,church's and even our family. All this to control how we think and what we do, a false sense of security that is assured to us as long as we stay in the parameters of what is considered right for us. The sheltered security blanket is just a distraction to make us feel we are safe, but without freedom of choice then what is the point because we end up losing what is truly sacred , our self. No one is really 100 percent safe in life, but it doesn't have to mean you live your life in fear. Living cautiously doesn't require constant reminders of how the world is a dangerous place. So trying to control the population with promises that can't be kept isn't fooling anyone. Their is no hiding from your fate that's why our time should be spent educating our community not treating people as if surrounding them with cotton wool will protect them from the dangers around them.

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